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2005 NFL Draft - Running Commentary

April 23, 2005
Lou Pickney, DraftKing.com

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3:05- Perhaps the second-most curious pick of the first round, to this point, was Carolina taking Thomas Davis with Derrick Johnson still on the board. These teams did seem some Texas games the last couple of seasons, right?

3:08- With Kansas City's pick looming, I looked online during a commercial break and saw that Trent Green turns 35 in July. Warrants noting with Rodgers still on the board.

3:12- What do you know, Andrea Kramer just interviewed Trent Green on the MTV, err, Cold Pizza set. Unfortunately she failed to bring up the possibility of Kansas City drafting Rodgers. Too bad, I would've liked to have seen his reaction to that.

3:19- Here on my paper I have written down: "DJ goes to KC. VALUE!" 'Nuff said.

3:32- The Texans drafted Travis Johnson, but again the surprise was spoiled when the ESPN crew told us right before it was announced. "A cab driver told me the Texans want Travis Johnson." Guys, you've been doing this for years, and it's neither impressive nor funny. Gee, you got the hot tip :30 ahead of everyone else. Could you imagine having one of those people at your house on Christmas day? Hearing "My flight attendant told me that big box is the Abercrombie & Fitch shirt you wanted" right before you open it would kind of ruin the fun. Same deal here, more or less.

3:34- Dick Vermeil is starting to remind me of Jick Nickolson in The Shining more and more when he does interviews. You know, with that slight glint of madness in his eyes. Err, I mean ferocious intensity...

3:40- Random shot of the day: Donovan McNabb's mom consoling Aaron Rodgers' mom at the banquet table. What is she saying? "I know Aaron is sliding, but my son risked the Campbell's Chunky Soup jinx and now he's going to risk the Madden cover jinx! See, it could be worse." That's what I'd like to think Mrs. McNabb said.

3:41- Mike Jaworski revealed that he had Jason Campbell ranked #2 and Aaron Rodgers ranked #3 going into the draft. Funny how this info comes out at 3:41 PM and not 11:41 AM. Not that I don't believe him, but had Jaws ranked Rodgers #1, I somehow think we wouldn't have heard about that.

3:45- David Pollack goes to Cincinnati at #17. It looks like the David Pollack supporters who e-mailed me were right about him going Top 20. I like Pollack and hope he does well in the NFL. Cincinnati fans could use a break or two right about now.

3:55- Is it just me, or did fans at the Vikings Draft party seem happier about the Vikings taking Erasmus James at #18 than they were when Minnesota took Troy Williamson over Mike Williams (and everyone else) at #7?

3:59- The Rams need an offensive tackle, and Alex Barron is a solid talent, particularly for a team that passes so much like St. Louis. I don't get the knocks on Barron. I figure Dallas is thrilled and will take Marcus Spears at #20. New Orleans may be left holding the bag with Darren Howard.

4:08- Ed Werner confirms that Dallas is taking Spears... and flipping to a 3-4 defense. Wow!

4:16- Matt Jones to Jacksonville is a real whoa/wow/what pick, depending on your outlook. He fell right in the range I projected (I had him at #18 in my final mock; he went #21). Jimmy Smith is getting up there in years, and while Jacksonville took Reggie Williams at #9 overall last year, Jones could really do some interesting things for the Jaguars.

4:19- Since Jones played QB at Arkansas, does that makes him the second QB taken in the draft? I guess not since he's listed as a TE/WR, though at the combine in the video they showed he had "QB" on his jersey...

4:20- Sean Salisbury called Matt Jones a steal at #21. It would be funny to see ESPN put together a montage from the past of the guys praising guys who turned into total NFL busts. They'd never do that (from a credibility standpoint it'd be terrible), but it would be good comedy.

4:26- I get the feeling that Mark Clayton will be a nice fit in Baltimore. Finally they have a receiving corps that's up to snuff (with the #1 guy being Derrick Mason, late of the Titans).

4:32- Oakland traded up to get... Fabian Washington. I know he's a super-fast CB, but trading up to get him? Interesting move, Al Davis...

4:44- How about this: Aaron Rodgers goes to Green Bay. I heard from Packers fans who did NOT want them taking a QB, but I don't think they (or anyone) imagined Rodgers actually lasting all the way to the #24 spot. This was the best moment of the day, as the crowd went crazy. Packers fans were ecstatic, and it was very nice to see.

4:46- Rodgers had a holding-back-tears smile as he posed with the commish. Hopefully the long wait will end up working out for Rodgers. At least Rodgers can look to the likes of Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Thurman Thomas, etc. as greats who fell in the draft and went on to have outstanding pro careers.

There's much more draft to go, but one can only sit and make observations for so long...


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