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2004 NFL Draft
Running Commentary, Round 2

April 24, 2004
Lou Pickney, DraftKing.com

Lou (5:40 PM) - I finally checked my e-mail. My friend Brook (who's a big Cowboys fan) chimed in with this earlier: "I wish someone would just take jackson and put me out of this misery of hoping he falls to dallas. Just pick him already!" Umm... sorry it didn't work out that way, Brook.

33. Arizona Cardinals - Karlos Dansby, LB, Auburn

Lou (5:43 PM) - Dansby is a nice player... He was a smart pickup by the Cardinals.

34. New York Giants - Chris Snee, OG, Boston College

Lou (5:46 PM) - The Giants needed offensive line help, for sure. I'm not sure if a guard is what they needed, but it will help provide protection for their big investment in Eli Manning.

35. San Diego Chargers - Igor Olshansky, DT, Oregon

Lou (5:50 PM) - There were people who were aghast when I had Olshasnky projected as a first rounder at one point. That didn't happen here, but the Chargers managed to fill a major need at DT with a very, very strong player in Olshansky.

36. Kansas City Chiefs (from Detroit) - Junior Siavii, DT, Oregon

Lou (5:54 PM) - How about that -- back-to-back Duck DTs taken here in the high part of the second round.

37. Detroit Lions (from Cleveland) - Teddy Lehman, LB, Oklahoma

To Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh's second round pick (#44)
Pittsburgh's fourth round pick (#107)

To Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis' second round pick from Atlanta (#38)

38. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Atlanta via Indianapolis) - Ricardo Colclough, CB, Tusculum

Lou (6:03 PM) Colclough is a small school guy, and he's a reach at this spot, but apparently Pittsburgh felt it was worth trading up to secure him.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars - Daryl Smith, LB, Georgia Tech

Lou (6:12 PM) - While not a primary need for the Jaguars, Smith is a talented linebacker who will help give the Jags excellent depth at the interior LB position.

40. Tennessee Titans (from Houston) - Ben Troupe, TE, Florida

Lou (6:16 PM) - How about that! I remember in December bringing up the idea of the Titans taking Troupe to my father (who's a Titans season ticket holder), and he ran off a long list of reasons why the Titans shouldn't take a tight end. But Troupe is a great value pick at the #40 spot, and a solid player for Tennessee to bring on board. I expected Denver to take him at the next spot down (and perhaps with the Titans also picking at #42, that's why they took Troupe here).

41. Denver Broncos (from Washington) - Tatum Bell, RB, Oklahoma State

Lou (6:19 PM) - Denver, who passed on Steven Jackson at #17, decided to go with Bell at this spot. It's a very Denver-esque move, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out for the Broncos. I think Dallas is happy about this, as I see them targeting Greg Jones two spots below.

42. Tennessee Titans (from NY Jets) - Travis LaBoy, DE, Hawaii

Lou (6:28 PM) - Nice pick by Tennessee. The Titans had a major need at DE (with the departure of Jevon Kearse), which they hope LaBoy will help fill.

43. Dallas Cowboys (from Buffalo) - Julius Jones, RB, Notre Dame

Lou (6:33 PM) - Dallas takes a Jones RB... but not the one I expected (I figured it would be Greg Jones). I suppose Parcells has his reasons on this one, but to pass up a chance at Steven Jackson to end up with Double J... quite a bold move.

44. Indianapolis Colts (via Pittsburgh) - Bob Sanders, S, Iowa

Lou (6:38 PM) - The Colts take a safety here?!? I suppose giving up runs up the middle aplenty will be on the docket again for Indy this year.

45. Oakland Raiders (from Tampa Bay) - Jake Grove, C, Virginia Tech

46. San Francisco 49ers - Justin Smiley, G, Alabama

Lou (7:00 PM) - Grove and Smiley were two borderline first-rounders. Nice pickups there respectively by the two California bay area teams. Grove in particular fits the Raiders persona to a T.

47. Chicago Bears - Terry Johnson, DT, Washington

To New Orleans Saints
Minnesota's 2004 second round pick (#50)
Minnesota's 2004 fifth round pick (#151)

To Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans' 2004 second round pick (#48)

Lou Pickney's 2024 NFL Mock Draft

48. New Orleans Saints - Dontarrious Thomas, LB, Auburn

49. Cincinnati Bengals - Keiwan Ratliff, CB, Florida

Lou (7:35 PM) - Nice pickup of Ratliff by the Bengals. He provides good value at a much needed position for them.

50. Minnesota Vikings - Devery Henderson, WR, LSU

51. Baltimore Ravens - Dwan Edwards, DT, Oregon State

52. Dallas Cowboys - Jacob Rogers, OT, USC

Lou (7:50 PM) - I really like the Rogers pick by Dallas. Offensive tackle depth is an important thing to have.

53. Seattle Seahawks - Michael Boulware, LB, Florida State

54. Denver Broncos - Darius Watts, WR, Marshall

Lou (8:03 PM) - Watts is a talented receiver, but the Broncos taking him at this spot was a rather curious move.

To Jacksonville Jaguars
Green Bay's second round pick (#55)

To Green Bay Packers
Jacksonville's third round pick (#70)
Jacksonville's fourth round pick (#102)

55. Jacksonville Jaguars - Greg Jones, RB, Florida State

56. Cincinnati Bengals (from Miami via New England) - Madieu Williams, S, Maryland

57. Tennessee Titans - Antwan Odom, DE, Alabama

Lou (8:13 PM) - Great pick by the Titans. I thought Odom might be a Top 20 pick, but Tennessee got him all the way down at #57. Well done!

58. San Francisco 49ers (from Philadelphia) - Shawntae Spencer, CB, Pittsburgh

To Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis' second round pick (#59)
Indianapolis' fifth round pick (#161)

To Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland's third round pick (#68)
Cleveland's fifth round pick (#141)
Cleveland's sixth round pick (#173)

59. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis) - Sean Jones, S, Georgia

60. New Orleans Saints (from St. Louis) - Courtney Watson, LB, Notre Dame

Lou (8:22 PM) - Nice move by the Saints to maneuver around to get Watson at a reasonable position.

61. Kansas City Chiefs - Kris Wilson, TE, Pittsburgh

62. Carolina Panthers - Keary Colbert, WR, USC

63. New England Patriots - Marquise Hill, DE, LSU

Lou (8:27 PM) - What a steal by New England getting Hill all the way down at #63. And what's going on with Darnell Dockett and Randy Starks both falling into the third round?!? Very odd...

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