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2004 NFL Draft
Running Commentary, Round 1

April 24, 2004
Lou Pickney, DraftKing.com

If you have any relevant thoughts to share during the draft, send them to me at LouPickney@gmail.com. I may choose to include some of them in this special running commentary.

Providing today's draft commentary is Lou Pickney, the owner/operator of DraftKing.com, and Scott Massey, who is very well versed in his own right in both the college and pro football game. All times provided are Eastern Daylight and are being dictated by Lou.

Lou: (12:05 PM) The Chargers are on the clock. If they don't trade down, I expect them to take Eli Manning at this spot. Despite the benefit that Robert Gallery would provide, and the public attention that has surrounded the Manning family not wanting Eli to end up with the Chargers, I don't see San Diego allowing Eli Manning to terrorize them twice yearly in an Oakland uniform. A Giants trade is possible, but the precedent set in the Michael Vick deal three years ago puts the pressure on the current Chargers management to acquire a similar bounty in any trade... and that doesn't seem very likely to happen.

Lou: (12:09 PM) Scott is en route to my apartment right now. I like the way ESPN has their reporters posted at various key locations. Right now Suzy Kolber is grilling Eli Manning on why he doesn't want to play for the Chargers. Where's Joe Namath when you need him to lighten up the mood?

Scott: (12:15 PM) Are the Chargers a quarterback away at this point? You know what's disgraceful is how it takes them until draft day to make a decision on who to take. It's pretty much set in stone at this point, isn't it? Oh, I forgot, the Clarett thing, right (sarcastic).

Scott: (12:18 PM) How many times will Michael Irvin shout out to the "U" in the first round? Six times? What's the over/under on that? And in reference to those clips from years past, Thurman Thomas from the 1988 Draft had as much hair then as Mel Kiper has now.

Lou: (12:20 PM) How many tones of brown are in Irvin's suit? (Yes, these are the questions I'm asking as we wait for the clock to tick down). Predicted steal of the draft: Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State.

Scott: (12:23 PM) Someone will get a steal with Michael Jenkins. What if the Raiders decide to take Sean Taylor? Wouldn't that be something...

1. San Diego Chargers - Eli Manning, QB, Ole Miss

Scott: (12:26 PM) Look at the expression on his face! No one is smiling. Man, they are booing hard! They're chanting "Eli Sucks!"

Lou: (12:29 PM) Eli Manning looks like he's been kicked in the junk. My friend Gary Graham (who's a huge Raiders fan) is on the phone wondering what in the hell Oakland will do. "I'm very nervous with what they're going to do." He thinks they'll take Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald.

2. Oakland Raiders - Robert Gallery, OT, Iowa

Scott: (12:40 PM) That guy is a Raider. Look at that picture of him, sneering! Kiper just said he's "rugged." That was not a bad pick.

Lou: (12:41 PM) - Gary is happy with the pick, and it's a smart pick I think. Gary is concerned about the Raiders needing WRs and RBs. I think the Raiders can get a great WR in Round 2, then get a solid RB (maybe if Michael Turner slides?) in Round 3.

3. Arizona Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh

Lou: (12:48 PM) - You know, the Cardinals just don't have enough receivers... All kidding aside, Fitzgerald is a damn good talent. The pressure's on Josh McCown to deliver the goods as the starting QB.

4. New York Giants - Phil Rivers, QB, NC State

Lou: (1:00 PM) - Wow... Rivers lands in the #4 spot. Let the games begin...

Lou: (1:03 PM) - I figure that the Redskins will take Sean Taylor here. The Joe Gibbs offensive style relies on a tight end that blocks more than receives, which makes Sean Taylor seem like much more of a smart pick for Washington. But now ESPN is talking about the Skins leaning hard toward taking Winslow, hmmm...

Lou: (1:05 PM) - My theory on the Manning/Rivers situation is this: New York wanted to sit in case Gallery somehow fell to them (i.e. Oakland taking Roy Williams). When that didn't happen, they decided to do a deal with San Diego (which will be announced here in a little while) that will give them Manning in exchange for Rivers and a package of picks and probably Ike Hilliard.

5. Washington Redskins - Sean Taylor, S, Miami

Lou: (1:10 PM) - Smart move by the Redskins.

To San Diego Chargers
Phil Rivers, QB, NC State
NY Giants' 2004 3rd round pick (#65)
NY Giants' 2005 1st round pick
NY Giants' 2005 5th round pick

To New York Giants
Eli Manning, QB, Ole Miss

Lou: (1:13 PM) - It makes total sense... Note that the Giants' third round pick is a high one (#65 overall). Looks like a win-win to me.

Scott: (1:14 PM) - If I were Detroit, I'd take Kellen Winslow here. But I would not question them on taking Roy Williams... If Roy Williams falls past Atlanta, I'm putting my fist through a wall.

To Cleveland Browns
Detroit's 2004 1st round pick (#6)
Cleveland's 2004 2nd round pick (#37)

To Detroit Lions
Cleveland's 2004 1st round pick (#7)

6. Cleveland Browns - Kellen Winslow Jr., TE, Detroit

Lou: (1:21 PM) - Nice move by the Browns, trading up to get their man. I expect Detroit to trade down again (with Roy Williams still on the board) to Jacksonville at #9, where I think Detroit will then take Steven Jackson.

7. Detroit Lions - Roy Williams, WR, Detroit

Scott: (1:29 PM) - Paul Tagliabue looked pissed walking up to the podium. Great pick; I think this gives Detroit the best one-two combo in the NFC North.

Lou: (1:32 PM) - The Lions should've traded down to #9 with Jacksonville and reaped even more benefits (or maybe a trade could still happen).

Lou: (1:34 PM) - Forget that last statement... With Detroit getting Cleveland's #37 pick, they can easily get a RB at #36 or #37. Nice move.

8. Atlanta Falcons - DeAngelo Hall, CB, Virginia Tech

Lou: (1:38 PM) - No brainer. Hall is the best CB in the draft (after an incredible workout), and he'll fill a huge need in the secondary for Atlanta.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Williams, WR, Washington

Scott: (1:51 PM) Great pick! I just wish the Jets could've had him at the #12 spot.

Lou: (1:52 PM) I really like Reggie Williams, but I think the Jaguars could've traded down to #13 and still landed him there.

10. Houston Texans - Dunta Robinson, CB, South Carolina

Scott: (1:55 PM) Good pick.

Lou: (1:55 PM) Are you kidding me?!? With the DE needs that the Texans have, they go for Robinson this high? Shocker. Pittsburgh must be very happy at this point with Roethlisberger still on the board.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (OH)

Lou: (2:01 PM) What great fortune for Pittsburgh... They get a great QB without having to trade up. He can learn for a year under Tommy Maddox, then be primed to become Pittsburgh's starting QB in 2005.

12. New York Jets - Jonathan Vilma, LB, Miami

Scott: (2:05 PM) Nice pick, but I'd have rather them taken (Reggie) Williams.

Lou: (2:06 PM) Maybe a stretch taking him so high, but he's a solid player who fills a need. Vilma going before D.J. Williams does surprise me a bit, though.

13. Buffalo Bills - Lee Evans, WR, Wisconsin

Scott: (2:14 PM) - I'd take Rashaun Woods over him. I'd take Michael Jenkins over him.

Lou: (2:15 PM) - I'd take Michael Clayton over him. What a stretch of a pick. Who is making the calls up there in Buffalo? Last year they got snookered into taking Willis McGahee, this year they reached to get Evans. Bad move.

Lou: (2:18 PM) - Watching ESPN's coverage, I ask myself: what was Randy Mueller thinking when it picked that tie? It looks like a squished watermelon. You just have to see it to understand what I mean.

Lou: (2:25 PM) - Gary Graham is on the phone again. As a Raiders fan, he's pissed about Denver likely being able to get Steven Jackson at #17, and he's afraid that Detroit will get a RB above Oakland in Round 2. I pointed out to him that Detroit would likely take a RB there anyway, and that the trade simply prevented Cleveland from snagging a RB as well.

14. Chicago Bears - Tommie Harris, DT, Oklahoma

Lou: (2:28 PM) - Great choice. I'm a big Tommie Harris fan. He would've been a great fit for the Bucs one pick down, who now much choose between DT Vince Wilfork, LB D.J. Williams... or perhaps someone else altogether...

Lou: (2:40 PM) - No way Tampa takes Jackson here... Gruden has never been the type to go with a primary RB style, and they need a DT or a LB here much more than a RB (especially with Michael Pittman escaping with just a 30 day jail sentence in his criminal case in Arizona).

Scott: (2:41 PM) - I think the Bucs should take Wilfork (so does Lou); my friend Adam thinks they should take D.J. Williams.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Michael Clayton, WR, LSU

Scott: (2:42 PM) - (Stunned) Huh!

Lou: (2:42 PM) - Surprising, considering the other needs that the Bucs have, but clearly Clayton will help out that Bucs WR corps. It's not the choice I would've made, especially not with Vince Wilfork on the board... I think the 49ers have to be thrilled about Wilfork falling to them (as well as Maryland DT Randy Starks).

To San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles 2004 first round pick (#28)
Philadelphia Eagles 2004 second pick (#58)

To Philadephia Eagles
San Francisco's 2004 first pick (#16)

16. Philadelphia Eagles - Shawn Andrews, OT, Arkansas

Scott: (2:53 PM) - I bet Miami is pissed!

Lou: (2:54 PM) - What a strange move. I was sure they'd slide up to take Steven Jackson. I really like Andrews, but I didn't see this coming at all. Imagine the sway of emotions in that Denver war room on that one...

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17. Denver Broncos - D.J. Williams, LB, Miami

Lou: (3:01 PM) - Surprising pick... I thought for sure that Jackson was going to the Broncos. This throws off who I figured the Saints would take here.

Scott: (3:02 PM) - Philadelphia with Andrews... man, he's going to be nasty there!

18. New Orleans Saints - Will Smith, DE, Ohio State

Scott: (3:06 PM) - That's fine. He's a good defensive player.

Lou: (3:07 PM) - There must be more to this Kenechi Udeze shoulder injury than I realized. I knew it was an issue, but for him to free fall past Smith to #19 (or below)? Ouch... I think Smith will be an excellent player for New Orleans though, and despite the negative e-mails I got on here when I had him rated high earlier this year, I think he'll be an excellent pro. By the way, Scott and I are still reeling about the Lee Evans to Buffalo at #13 pick. It's not "T.J. Duckett to Atlanta in 2002" bad, but damn that was a real stretch.

How far will Steven Jackson fall? Dallas may luck out and have him fall into their laps at #22. That would be reason to celebrate for Cowboy fans everywhere.

To Minnesota Vikings
Miami's 2004 first round pick (#20)
Miami's 2004 fourth round pick (#119)

To Miami Dolphins
Minnesota's 2004 first round pick (#19)

Lou (3:16 PM) - (5 seconds before the pick) They're taking Vernon Carey!

19. Miami Dolphins - Vernon Carey, OG, Miami

Scott (3:17 PM) - I thought you were kidding!

20. Minnesota Vikings - Kenechi Udeze, DE, USC

Lou (3:21 PM) - This was a great pick... Udeze will be a major upgrade for Minnesota's defensive line. Nice move by the Vikings -- great value.

21. New England Patriots (via Baltimore) - Vince Wilfork, DT, Miami

Lou (3:36 PM) - Scott and I spent several minutes debating what New England should do here. I've felt all off-season that the loss of Ted Washington to free agency will hurt the Patriots more than people realize. Now the Pats have first round DTs taken in consecutive first rounds (Ty Warren last year) ready to step it up. How about that. Meanwhile, Dallas is sitting pretty with Steven Jackson right there for them at #22.

To Dallas Cowboys
Buffalo's 2004 second round pick (#43)
Buffalo's 2004 fifth round pick (#144)
Buffalo's 2005 first round pick

To Buffalo Bills
Dallas' 2004 first round pick (#22)

22. Buffalo Bills - J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane

Scott (3:51 PM) - I was about to say that I expected them to take Losman there right before they said it.

Lou (3:52 PM) - This is amazing to me... Steven Jackson is right there, and Dallas trades down?!? Wow...

Lou (3:54 PM) - The local radio guys on 1010 WQYK (Seffner, FL) just said that Dallas "screwed Green Bay" with that pick. Rather harsh way to put it...

23. Seattle Seahawks - Marcus Tubbs, DT, Texas

Scott (4:05 PM) - Well, there were three defensive tackles there they could've taken.

Lou (4:06 PM) - What happened to Randy Starks? He's falling fast. I wonder now with Jackson at #24 if the Bengals might take him here.

To Cincinnati Bengals
St. Louis' first round pick (#26)
St. Louis' fourth round pick (#123)

To St. Louis Rams
Cincinnati's first round pick (#24)

24. St. Louis Rams - Steven Jackson, RB, Oregon State

Lou (4:21 PM) - This has Larry Johnson of 2003 written all over it. Fantasy owners, beware... at least for 2004.

25. Green Bay Packers - Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas

Lou (4:29 PM) - Interesting pick considering the Pack's defensive end needs, but with Mike McKenzie's situation souring with Green Bay, it makes sense for Green Bay to bring Carroll on board.

Scott (4:36 PM) - The Bengals should really take Chris Gamble here. I'd have taken him over Ahmad Carroll.

26. Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Perry, RB, Michigan

Lou (4:41 PM) - Why in the world would you pass on Steven Jackson at #24 to get Perry at #26?!? This move baffles me.

To Tennessee Titans
Houston's 2004 second round pick (#40)
Houston's 2004 third round pick (#71)
Houston's 2004 fourth round pick (#103)
Houston's 2004 fifth round pick (#138)

To Houston Texans
Tennessee's 2004 first round pick (#27)
Tennessee's 2004 fifth round pick (#159

27. Houston Texans - Jason Babid, DE, Western Michigan

Lou (4:57 PM) - Call me crazy, but that seems like a mighty large amount for Houston to give up in order to land Babid. Considering that Tennessee also has DE needs, and that they are in the same division with Houston, one must imagine that the Titans don't rank Babid anywhere near as high as Houston does.

To San Francisco 49ers
Carolina's 2004 first round pick (#31)
Carolina's 2004 fourth round pick (#127)

To Carolina Panthers
San Francisco's 2004 first round pick (#28)

28. Carolina Panthers - Chris Gamble, CB, Ohio State

Lou (5:07 PM) - Scott made a run to the shady Amaco down the street, so he's not here to celebrate Gamble's selection at this spot. The Panthers needed a CB, so the move made sense, though I still think Gamble was more of a second round quality player. I think now the Colts need to snag either Darnett Dockett or Randy Starks (both excellent DTs).

To Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta's 2004 second round pick (#38)
Atlanta's 2004 third round pick (#69)
Atlanta's 2004 fourth round pick (#125)

To Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis' 2004 first round pick (#29)
Indianapolis' 2004 third round pick (#90)

29. Atlanta Falcons - Michael Jenkins, WR, Ohio State

Scott (5:15 PM) - Either Ben Troupe or Jenkins would've been good picks here.

Lou (5:16 PM) - The Falcons needed a top flight receiver, and they got their guy. Nice draft for them landing both Hall and Jenkins.

To Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit's 2004 second round pick (#36)
Detroit's 2004 fourth round pick (#105)
Detroit's 2005 fifth round pick

To Detroit Lions
Kansas City's 2004 first round pick (#30)

Lou (5:25 PM) - Scott and I both strongly expect that Detroit will take Kevin Jones at this spot.

30. Detroit Lions - Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech

Lou (5:29 PM) - What luck for Detroit, as Jones fell to #30 and they were able to trade up and land who some think was the best running back in the draft.

Scott (5:31 PM) - (Seconds before the announcement) Rashaun Woods.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State

Lou (5:32 PM) - Great pick by the 49ers... While Randy Starks would've made sense as well, the 49ers had to address the WR spot, and Woods is a great talent. Scott has headed out of here, so it's just me from this point forward.

32. New England Patriots - Ben Watson, TE, Georgia

Lou (5:38 PM) - Scott had been predicting a tight end would go here before he left. Watson did well on his Wonderlic test, and he should fit in well with the Pats (who now have two first round tight ends on their roster, with Daniel Graham being the other).

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